Advice on Navigating 5 Common Estate Planning Emotional Blocks

Many people understand that estate planning is important, but nobody wants to tackle issues that address end of life because often that means accepting that you too will die.


If you get nervous or uncomfortable when it comes to estate planning issues, you aren’t the only one. Failure to address estate planning issues, however, can lead to a number of complications if you are suddenly pass away or become incapacitated.


As a result, it is critical to make sure you perform adequate estate planning. This article offers some advice about tackling the various emotional challenges that are frequently involved with estate planning.


# 1 – Accepting Your Own Death


As previously mentioned, the biggest emotional hurdle that many people face in estate planning is accepting that they too will die. People do many things to avoid acknowledging that they are mortal.


Avoiding estate planning , however, should not be avoided. While it is true that we all die, creating an estate plan while you are still alive offers at least some control over what will happen after your death.


# 2 – Loss of Control


Some people view the estate planning process as giving up control in a number of important areas.


In reality, estate planning allows you to decide a number of important things that would otherwise be left for others to decide. Some of these things include who will take care of you in case you become incapacitated, how your assets will pass, and what will be done with your body following your death.


Many people who become involved in estate planning find that it is the only way to express their opinion about how a number of important issues should be resolved.


# 3 – Fear of Lawyers


A number of people are afraid of attorneys. Some people think that a lawyer will treat them as unsophisticated or not intelligent. If a lawyer treats you in this way, it is time to find a much more professional and experienced estate planning attorney.


Other people are afraid that an estate planning lawyer will charge a large fee. In reality, not having an estate planning or having an inadequate estate plan will result in a number of more serious complications.


# 5 – Accepting Life Events


It is important that estate planning documents be updated periodically. While many people are aware of this, they have a difficult time accepting that a death or divorce has occurred that now necessitates a change of plans.


The best way to approach this fear is by realizing that by attempting to avoid this event, you will not be able to make the problem go away.


Instead, the only way to make sure that your estate plans are appropriate is to tackle these changes head on and revise as necessary.


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