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New York Estate Planning & Elder Law Blog


The Secure Act and Your IRA

The Secure Act governs distributions from IRA’s and other retirement plans. After the death of the account holder, most named beneficiaries are required to take the funds out over ten years. While the IRS has not finalized the regulations, the safest approach is to take minimum distributions for the first…


Book Review: John Leland’s “Happiness is a Choice You Make”

In his book, subtitled “Lessons From a Year Among the Oldest Old”, journalist John Leland takes us on a journey into uncharted territory. Mr. Leland spent a year with six elderly New Yorkers, exploring their lives. He divides the book into the first six chapters chronicling the years spent with…


Avoiding Guardianship in New York

For the ever-increasing number of those who become legally incapacitated later in life (i.e. unable to handle their legal and financial affairs) having a legal guardian appointed looms as a distinct possibility. A guardianship proceeding may be commenced by a hospital, nursing home, assisted living residence, family member or a…


Advice on Removing an Executor from an Estate

After a person is named an executor, the individual takes on the obligation to adequately and promptly complete the estate’s administration in addition to distributing an estate’s assets to anyone listed as a beneficiary. Assuming that the executor appreciates the duty that he or she owes to the estate and…

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