4 Pieces of Advice About Selecting an Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities provide elderly individuals with a stepping stone between independent living and the more intensive care provided at nursing homes. Elderly individuals can receive assistance with things like cooking, cleaning, and hygiene at assisted living facilities while still maintaining personal independence. 


Deciding whether your loved one would benefit from an assisted living facility, however, is a complex process. As a result, this article reviews just some of the most critical factors that should be reviewed when deciding whether your loved one should be placed in an assisted living facility.


# 1 – Size


Great care should be given to analyzing the size of the assisted living facility. Size can end up impacting the types of services that the assisted living facility offers. While larger facilities often boast more activities, smaller assisted living facilities might not be equipped with all of the services that a person desires. 


While larger facilities are likely to provide more specialized services as well as services that are geared towards specific conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and heart disease, smaller facilities are likely to have less of these uniquely tailored offerings.


Larger assisted living facilities, however, are more likely to have staffing issues. It is important to select a facility with a comfortable staff-to-resident ratio. If this ratio involves too many residents and too few staff, there will likely not be a sufficient number of workers to provide your loved one with the appropriate care. 


# 2 – Location


Location is a critical issue for assisted living facilities. It might be critical to place a loved one at an assisted living facility that is a certain proximity from family. The location that is selected can also end up influence what state or local laws the facility must follow. 


On a smaller level, it’s also important that an assisted living facility is laid out appropriately for a loved one. The layout of a facility should sufficiently address the resident’s needs, which might include how floor plans are laid out, how a bathroom can be accessed, and the ease a loved one has in accessing emergency medical devices.


# 3 – Costs


Costs can play a divisive role in influencing what assisted living facility a person selects. While people on Medicaid likely have more limited options, individuals who have access to personal savings and other funds often have a great range of options. Additionally, various assisted living facilities handle payments differently. Some facilities have an upfront cost, while others charge monthly rent.


# 4 – Staff


Assisted living facility staff should be technically knowledgeable as well as compassionate in providing the highest degree of care possible. It’s also important to make sure that staff is properly accredited. A person might also decide that staff at one facility have a more compatible personality and feel than at another facility.


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