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In 2011 Congress revamped the estate and gift tax laws and legislated that the federal estate and gift tax exclusion amount was $5 million. This amount is annually adjusted for inflation; the 2015 maximum is $5.43 million. Any estate values less than this amount are excluded from estate and gift tax liability. So, for example, if a husband passes away and leaves $4 million to his wife, the wife has an additional $1.43 million that she carried over to her own estate, as well as the standard $5 million that she is entitled to for her own estate if she also passed away in 2015 before any federal estate tax liability is incurred. Consequently, under the simple example provided, the wife is entitled to $6.86 million in exemptions before incurring any federal estate tax liability. If the surviving spouse remarries, he/she still retains the right to the portability of the unused estate tax. The portability is only effected if the second spouse of the surviving spouse also pre-deceases the original surviving spouse then the portability from the first spouse is extinguished. The idea and principles of estate tax portability do not apply to generation skipping transfer taxes, which is when a grandparent leaves money to his or her grandchildren.


You have saved and invested throughout your life to build enough wealth to fund your retirement. You have worked with your estate planning attorney to establish an estate plan to leave behind assets to your loved ones to share after you pass away. However, like many individuals, you are now considering giving your children or beneficiaries their inheritance before your death. There are many advantages to giving an early inheritance, but also some important considerations.

Advantages to Giving an Early Inheritance

Providing an early advance could provide your children with some needed financial help. Whether your children are experiencing financial difficulty, starting a new business venture, or are planning a big purchase, such as a house or getting married, providing them an early gift may be of greater value now than after your death.

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