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As the older population continues aging, we are constantly trying to find new tools to help this population manage their lifestyle with more ease. Assistive technology is any service or tool that aids the aging population in performing their otherwise increasingly difficult or impossible daily activities. This technology ranges from a smartphone, to a walker to GPS tracker, many of which allow the individual to continue living independently or without care, while also allowing their loved ones to check on them.

Paying for Technology

As with any other medical assistance, insurance coverage is always a concern. Although there is no universal plan covering assistive technology for the aging population, some plans do cover a portion of the costs. Medicare Part B will cover up to 80% of the cost of technology that can be considered medical equipment. Also if you are eligible with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs for assistance, they will pay for a portion of the cost and will also help train those who are using the device.

You have finally done it; you took the necessary and important step to sit down and put together an estate plan with a qualified New York estate planning attorney. You have all of the necessary documents you need to move forward confident into the future about how your assets will be managed and distributed. You have gotten over the biggest hurdle that a majority of Americans never address but now you are faced with a trivial but important matter: where do I keep my estate plan?

Location, Location, Location

Where you store your estate plan matters. As we have written about before, failure to locate the documents in your estate plan at the necessary time could end up with them being treated as if they did not exist at all. Having your wishes written down somewhere that no one knows about does no one any good. Estate planning documents like wills serve an important evidentiary purpose for the courts as they are written proof of your final wishes. No court will probate a will that you cannot find and no hospital or financial institution is going to respect a Power of Attorney if they cannot see and examine the documents themselves.

You have saved and invested throughout your life to build enough wealth to fund your retirement. You have worked with your estate planning attorney to establish an estate plan to leave behind assets to your loved ones to share after you pass away. However, like many individuals, you are now considering giving your children or beneficiaries their inheritance before your death. There are many advantages to giving an early inheritance, but also some important considerations.

Advantages to Giving an Early Inheritance

Providing an early advance could provide your children with some needed financial help. Whether your children are experiencing financial difficulty, starting a new business venture, or are planning a big purchase, such as a house or getting married, providing them an early gift may be of greater value now than after your death.

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