The Ettinger Law Firm Way (Part Three)

Every law firm has a unique culture. Ours is captured in 30 fundamentals we call The Ettinger Law Firm Way. All 30 of these may be found on our website,, under "Resources".

  1. Get Clear On Expectations. Create clarity and avoid misunderstandings by discussing expectations upfront. Set expectations for others and ask when you're not clear on what they expect of you. End all meetings with clarity about action items, responsibilities, and due dates.
  2. Show Meaningful Appreciation. Recognizing people doing things right is more effective than pointing out when they do things wrong. Regularly extend meaningful acknowledgement and appreciation – in all directions throughout our organization.
  3. Deliver Effortless Expectations. Find ways to make working with you/us easier. Provide simple and complete instructions. When in doubt, do more rather than pushing the work back to others in the firm or the client. Streamline our processes. Simplify everything. Be unusually helpful.
  4. Walk In Your Clients' Shoes. Understand your clients' world and perspective. Know their challenges and frustrations. The better you understand them, the more effectively you can anticipate and meet their needs.
  5. Create A Great Impression. Every conversation, phone call, e-mail, letter, and even voice-mail, sets a tone and creates an impression. Pay attention to every interaction and be sure you're setting a tone that's friendly, warm, and helpful.
  6. Take Pride In Your Appearance. Your personal appearance makes a strong statement about the pride you take in your performance. Dress neatly and professionally. The appearance of our office takes a similar statement about the quality of our work. Take responsibility to see that our office environment is clean, neat, and professional.
  7. Make Healthy Choices Take care of yourself at home and at the office. Eat well, exercise, and get adequate sleep. Support each other in making healthy choices. The healthier you are, the more you'll thrive personally and professionally.

Client Reviews

This is the best choice for elder care and estate planning! Well established and transparent in services and quality of staff is suberb. K. D.
Outstanding professionals at every level within their organization. Interpersonal communications outstanding. F. O.
Very happy with the firm and so pleased we have them helping us. C. D.
Mr Ettinger has worked with my family for over a decade and has provided excellent advice on numerous issues relating to trust and elder law. B. A.